The residence Villa Glicine enjoys a prestigious and splendid geographical position that places it in the center of Taormina on the prestigious Eastern coast of Sicily. It is surrounded by a green garden with orange trees, lemon trees, hedges of jasmine and passiflora that give off a healthy oxygen of tranquility and calmness, as vital lymph for a stay characterized by wellness. Adjacent to the Villa Glicine are the archaeological sites of the Greek-Roman period and of which you can enjoy the splendor overlooking the balconies and the pool.

The Residence Villa Glicine is located in the historic center of Taormina just steps from the Greek Theater, Palazzo dei Congressi, Palazzo Corvaja, from the cable car to the sea, from Corso Umberto that runs through the town with myriad of shops ranging from the artistic, to the precious, to the cultural, as well as restaurants, cafes, bistros, trendy. In a few minutes walk you can reach all the cultural attractions of Taormina and the most scenic places of the town. The structure consists of apartments of various sizes suitable for couples and families.

The Villa offers many services ranging from the swimming pool, to the hot tub at a temperature, to the internal parking, and others still of great interest. The set of these attributes and qualities enjoyed by Villa Glicine allow each tourist to have as much as possible to make his stay in Taormina satisfactory.

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Taormina is located at 200 metres above sea level. The structure and geographical position form a terrace suspended between sea and sky, enriched by a beautiful panoramic view in which the nearby, imposing volcano "Etna" stands out.

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